Tuning In To Music – Overview

Tuning In To Music
Our Longest Running Program
$960,000 Investment

Tuning In To Music has provided over 800 qualified students with free instrumental music lessons since 2006.  This program represents a strong partnership with the Greenwich Public School music educators and the Connecticut School of Music.  Greenwich Public School music teachers nominate dedicated students in grades 4-12, who could not otherwise afford this opportunity, to receive private, semi-private, or orchestra style lessons with the Connecticut School of Music teachers for 30 weeks after school. Instrument lessons include violin, viola, cello, clarinet, flute, trombone, trumpet, and saxophone.  Each year finishes with an annual recital and celebration for parents and friends in June.

We are proud to report that since its inception, there is an increased participation of Greenwich’s diverse student body in many of the performance ensembles at Greenwich High School, the middle schools, the GHS Music Festival, and Western Regionals. A few students have even participated in the Performance Series at Carnegie Hall!

The importance of music in a young person’s life was championed for many years by the late Mary Radcliffe, a long time Greenwich Alliance supporter and former President, Greenwich Symphony Orchestra.

“How lucky these children are to have music in their lives, and to learn instrumental skills and musicianship at an early age! It leads to a lifelong priceless gift of cultural/artistic enrichment and enjoyment.  Your organization makes this possible for Greenwich’s children.  Congratulations!”

(the late) Mary Radcliffe

Past President, Greenwich Symphony Orchestra


“I am very proud to work with the finest teachers at The Connecticut School of Music who use their expertise to bring world class music education to these wonderful students.

Music education is vital to a growing child, the impact of learning an instrument and the participation in an ensemble benefits one’s self esteem and confidence that leads to other opportunities for success in life.

What excites me the most is to see these students grow musically year after year and learning to play more complicated pieces of music together with their peers.

As a concert cellist I have traveled the world witnessing various music education programs, I am happy to say that Tuning In To Music is among the top.”

Kenneth Kuo

Program Director, Tuning In To Music and President, CT School of Music

“Tuning In To Music has been a cornerstone to the development of our instrumental music program in the Greenwich Public Schools. The added instruction that students receive each week has been a valuable addition to enhance student performance skills and their contributions to their school ensembles. The work students put in throughout the year is showcased in a recital where students can display the growth and work that they’ve put in to mastering their instrument. This program has expanded our curriculum and motivates students to continue pursuing music learning as they advance in the district. “

Laura A. Newell

Arts Coordinator, Greenwich Public Schools

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