Student Sponsorships

SUCCESS Sponsorships Reduce Students’ College Financial Burdens

Many GHS AVID graduates are unable to pay for their college educations – even with financial aid, loans and scholarships.

Our Scholarship Fund was established in 2013 to help address this need.  We have awarded over $880,000 in scholarships but are only covering a portion of the financial gap faced by AVID college students.  We need to do more!

To empower AVID students to save for college, AVID SUCCESS teamed up with Members Credit Union to establish Educate & Prosper College Savings Accounts (E&P Accounts). These accounts offer:

  • a 25% Match from the Alliance  – up to $500 per $2,000 saved
  • a 2% interest rate
  • Student sole ownership
  • Financial literacy education

The Alliance has established AVID SUCCESS Sponsorships to raise incremental scholarship dollars  and provide matching funds for the E&P accounts.

Provide GHS AVID students with:

  • $500 matches for E&P accounts
  • $2,000 college scholarships and
  • Other supports such as mentoring and professional skills building

$   2,500:   “I’m SUCCESSful” Sponsorship – support 1 GHS AVID Student
$ 25,000“We’re SUCCESSful” Sponsorships – support 10 GHS AVID Students
$ 62,500:  Head of the Class” Sponsorships – support 25 GHS students or 1 class
$125,000:  “Grade A is for AVID” Sponsorships – support 50 GHS students or 1 grade

Naureen Kurji, GHS AVID Class of 2017, UCONN Class of 2021, at her college graduation with her family

GHS AVID Seniors (Class of ’21) and E&P Accounts holders with Kathy Chartier of Members Credit Union

“My scholarships and my Educate & Prosper College Savings Account through AVID SUCCESS sponsors have helped reduce my student debt and have brought me a step closer to financial  freedom. They have also opened my eyes to the importance of advocating for myself and paying attention to my spending.”

Gigi Barter

GHS AVID Class of 2021, Salve Regina Class of 2025

“I opened an Educate & Prosper Account because it gave me an opportunity to be responsible and maximize my savings from work.  Having an account strictly for saving for college enabled me to reach my savings goals and will help me pay for college this fall.”  

Salome Nsereko

GHS AVID Class of 2021, Loyola University of Maryland Class of 2025

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