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In 2008, Greenwich High School administrators applied for grant funding from the Greenwich Alliance for Education (Alliance) to implement the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program as a means to address the opportunity/achievement gap. The AVID Elective enrolls students who perform in the academic middle and fit one or more of the following: low socio-economic, single parent household, first generation to college, English not the primary language at home, minority.

The Greenwich Alliance Mentoring Program and Scholarship Fund were started by the Alliance in 2013 in response to the first class of students completing the AVID course, graduating from GHS, and entering college. The initial goal of funding the AVID program was to get the students accepted to college. The Alliance quickly realized program success should be measured by students graduating from college because this leads to increased future opportunities.

The AVID program has grown at Greenwich High School from one cohort grades 9-12 to two cohorts each grade due to its measurable results. It is recognized by the Greenwich Public Schools as a gap closing strategy. To keep up with the increasing number of AVID students graduating and entering college we are focusing on fundraising for the Scholarship Fund and engaging more mentors and career advisors.

There are no other organizations that serve this student population from the beginning of college to graduation.

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