Mentoring Program

Mentoring Builds Networks

The AVID SUCCESS Mentoring Program matches current AVID Greenwich High School students with adult mentors during their junior year or senior year to begin building this new relationship prior to the students leaving for college. Since most of these students are the first in their family to attend college, having a mentor available to answer questions, offer support, and just be there for them can make a big difference with helping them navigate the complexities of college.

We ask our mentors to make at least a 2-year commitment to the program, to attend Alliance sponsored Mentoring events, and to check in via text, email, or in person monthly with their mentee.

Building Connections Between Mentees and Mentors

AVID Growth and the Mentoring Program

The AVID program has grown from one cohort grades 9-12 to two cohorts each grade due to its measurable results. It is recognized by the Greenwich Public Schools as a gap closing strategy. To keep up with the increasing number of AVID students graduating and entering college, more mentors are needed in order for the Alliance to continue its one to one student to mentor match or even to meet the alternate model of matching groups of students to one mentor at a specific college.

To learn more about Mentoring, contact Julie Faryniarz at or Trish Rohr at with any questions.

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