AVID Scholarship Fund Challenge

Thanks to all the donors – $43,000 in Scholarship Funds Raised!

(see below for original letter describing the CHALLENGE)

Dear Friends,

Our community has experienced incredible challenges over the past few months and our most vulnerable families have been hit hardest. Our GHS AVID students and their families have worked so hard, with the support of the GPS and the Greenwich Alliance, to make their college and career dreams a reality. Now we fear that the dreams of these recent graduates may crumble under the weight of economic pressures and insurmountable student debt. Many students simply will not have the means to enroll in college in the fall as planned.

Our Board is collectively committed to ensuring that the present challenges do not prevent these most deserving of students from realizing their college dreams, and has resolved to take immediate action. The members of our Board and Advisory Council have pledged an additional $25,000 to the Greenwich Alliance Scholarship Fund to protect the college plans of our AVID students. We challenge our community to join us in this effort by matching our commitment with donations totaling $25,000 between now and July 31st. 

GHS AVID graduates must continue the tradition of success in rigorous four-year postsecondary institutions and become responsible leaders in our community.

Read about the amazing achievements of two AVID alumni. 

Thanks to the Ruth Brown Foundation for joining on as an early supporter of the AVID students by donating to the Greenwich Alliance Scholarship Fund. Now it is your turn to help us double our impact by joining the CHALLENGE and donating to the Greenwich Alliance Scholarship Fund today!!! Thank you for your support. 

Julie Faryniarz, Executive Director

GHS AVID Class of  2020 Celebration

GHS AVID Alum graduates from Eastern Connecticut State University

College dorm supplies donated to graduating AVID students

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