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The Greenwich Alliance has joined a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Greenwich United Way focused on promoting early childhood learning and closing the achievement gap. Early Childhood Achievement Gap Solutions (ECAGS) is a two-pronged program utilizing data-driven solutions to help at-risk children be better prepared to enter kindergarten and achieve academic success. The first prong of ECAGS is an evidence-based home visitation program, Greenwich Parents as Teachers, at Family Centers, targeting low-income families and children, ages birth to 3. The second prong provides enriched pre-school instructional coaching programs at Hamilton Avenue and New Lebanon schools and Grace Daycare and Learning Center, serving a large percentage of low-income children, ages 3-5.

From 2008-2017, Going Places With Books, an Alliance signature program, fostered enthusiasm for books and language and promoted young children’s mastery of the early literacy skills they needed to succeed in kindergarten. Over 350 preschoolers, from seven targeted preschools, annually boarded our enchanted Storymobile to participate in interactive read aloud experiences which integrated multimedia and bilingual elements into a carefully – designed literacy curriculum. Unfortunately in April 2016, the Storymobile was demolished by a falling tree and was no longer usable classroom space. We continued to deliver the rich early literacy curriculum to students attending Head Start and Family Centers preschools located at Armstrong Court during the 2016-2017 school year.

Pictured above at the program launch: David Rabin, CEO United Way, Julie Faryniarz, Executive Director, Greenwich Alliance, Anne Sherrerd, Board Chair United Way.


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